Terrorism and the media: representations of terrorists in post-9/11 American films

Popular culture – that is, movies, TV shows, music heard on the radio, best-selling books – is one of the best ways to transmit a message to a large audience. Through it, narratives are created and strengthened, whether they relate to a nation’s history, gender roles or economic goals. This is true of terrorism, of course, and there have been studies on the cultural production that touches upon this phenomenon, especially after the attack on the World Trade Center towers in New York City on 11 September 2001. Most of them, however, have focused on the ways cultural production has reinforced the political goals of the White House, effectively making acceptable and justifying the so-called War on Terror, including the invasion to Iraq. They have explored the public’s reaction to that iconic event,
and have even gone so far as to imagine newer, deadlier attacks on American soil. The purpose of this paper will be to explore how terrorists themselves are portrayed, if at all, in American popular culture, specifically in the films that have come out after 9/11. Is there a mention of their goals? Is there an explanation for their actions? Are they identified at all?

Another paper I wrote for one of my modules. You can read the whole thing (and other academic papers I’ve written) in my Academia.edu profile.


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