Thoughts on #Gaza

Another rant ahead.


How to write about what is going on in Gaza? Every time I read something on Twitter or Facebook I feel like hitting my head against the screen, repeatedly, as if that could knock some sense into people.

I mean, sure, Israel has a right to defend itself. But surely retaliation should be proportional? And how many children dead are enough to satisfy its blood thirst? So much for the “States can’t be terrorists” argument.

Pointing out that the response attacks on Gaza are hardly fair does NOT equal support for Hamas or the disappearance of Israel as a country. For starters, there has been public outcry every time anyone decides to endorse that line of thinking, and second, it’s not a real possibility. Stop bringing that up.

Just to be clear, just as nothing justifies the massacres going on inside Gaza, nothing justifies Hamas’s attacks on Israel. This is not really about taking sides, murder is murder. But killing children inside their homes will only prolong the violence and the hatred.

And finally, please let us put people first. I understand some persons care a lot about their pets, and that’s just fine. But when children next to you are being killed because they belong to a different religion or nationality, priorities should change, right? Right?


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