We must understand that our anger (and hatred) is something that comes from within us. It is not woman’s fault. It is the attitude that patriarchal society has encouraged us to feel toward all women. When finally confronted with the reality of feminism, which threatens our power and privileges, our defenses cannot hide our true anger and we turn to incredible violence.

We have to accept that this anger belongs to us and stems from our hatred of women. I know men say that they really do not hate women, they have just treated them unfairly because of socialization (“Those other men are rapists, not me.”) This can be a cop-out and untruth. All men do hate women, and until we take responsibility for our personal hatred, we will not be able to seriously explore our emotionality nor treat women as equal human beings.

Leonar Schien, in bell hooks Ain’t I a Woman? [I haven’t been able to find anything about Schien on-line. This quote is taken direcly from hooks’s book.]



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Licenciada en Relaciones Internacionales, próxima Maestra en Terrorismo y Seguridad, activista en derechos humanos, feminista.
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