The Assange affair

I believe women when they say that their sexual consent is infringed, violently and coercively, by men they trust and admire, as well as by strangers. I believe that rape and sexual violence are wilfully ignored and misunderstood by governments except when the victims happen to be accusing radical transparency campaigners of assault. I believe that it is possible to believe women and to support Wikileaks at the same time without moral hypocrisy, and I believe that those across the left who seem to have a problem with holding those two simple ideas in their head at the same time need to ask themselves what accountability actually means.


Go read the whole thing. Laurie Penny, the author of this piece, describes exactly how I feel about the whole Assange affair. Sure, it’s important to hold governments accountable to the people, but not at the expense of women’s lives.

It is not only possible to defend both women’s rights and freedom of speech. It is morally inconsistent to defend one without the other.


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Una respuesta a The Assange affair

  1. harrry dijo:

    El ataque contra Assange no tiene nada que ver con sus tendencias sexueles.Es una operacion de contrainformacion americana basada en el puritanismo esencial y primitivo de ese pueblo del Norte.
    Edgardo Arrivillaga.

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